Canadian food

Canada has become famous for its great healthcare, social programs, universal schooling, and stunning scenery. However, while these are great, there is another very important reason why you should consider moving to Canada, or at least visiting, and this is our food. We have some of the most amazing food in the world, and below I am going to take a look at some of my favorite dishes. Trust me when I tell you that you do not want to miss out on the following when you are in Canada.


I am going to start of with Poutine because no dish is more Canadian than this. Cheese curds, crispy frieds, and a rich gravy all come together beautifully to give us the ultimate comfort food. This delicious dish is said to have originated in Quebec in 1950, and it has since spread across the country. While the traditional recipe is very tasty as it is, poutines that are topped with smoked meat, bacon, and lobster are very popular too. If you are ever visiting Montreal, then head over to La Banquise because they are known for having the world’s best poutine.

Montreal-Style Smoked Meat

Before you leave Montreal, try the exquisite Montreal-style smoked meat. This smoked delight is made of beef brisket that has been spiced and salted for seven days before being steamed and smoked to near perfection. It is usually served in a sandwich with strong yellow mustard, but it can also be put on top of poutine. The best place, in my opinion, to get this meat in Canada is Dunn’s Famous - it a smoked meat chain that has been established for nearly a century. You will have not trouble finding a Dunn’s Famous restaurant in Montreal. Also, consider heading over to Schwartz’s Deli’s as their smoked meat sandwiches have won plenty of praise.

Split Pea Soup

If you love nothing better than a hearty soup on a very cold day, then split pea soup is definitely something that you should consider trying. This dish, which is made out of ham hock, yellow split peas, thyme, and some vegetables, is pure comfort in a bowl - don’t forget to lap up the remaining bits with some tasty slices of toast. Split pea soup can be served as either an appetizer or a main dish.

Hawaiian Pizza

Pizza originated in Naples, Italy, but what many people are unaware of is the fact that the Hawaiian pizza, which is made up of pineapple and ham did not come from Hawaii. In fact, it was a Greek immigrant by the name of Sam Panopoulos that came up with the idea in Ontario in 1962. Legend has it that he got a lifetime ban from Italy – no, I joke. It is probably one of the most controversial foods, causing plenty of debate between those who love it and those who think it should be outlawed. I personally sit in the former group - I just really enjoy the saltiness of the ham and the sweetness of the pineapple. If you have never tried it before, then I recommend you do so when you are in Canada to see what group you fall into.

Saskatoon Berry Pie

This tasty dessert is known for its almond and sweet flavor, which makes it a great contender for best pie ever. I am not kidding when I say that even a small slice of this pie will make you realise what you have been missing in your life. This pie is regularly served with vanilla ice cream, which just adds an extra taste of deliciousness. The main ingredients for this pie are cornstarch, sugar, butter, and lemon juice. Once you have tried it for the first time, we guarantee that you will be eager to try and recreate it at home.

Maple Taffy

When it comes down to Canadian treats, it really does not get more Canadian than this. This delicious syrupy candy is created by pouring some boiling maple syrup over some snow, which hardens it right away due to the freezing temperature of the snow. Then you are meant to stick it on a popsicle stick and enjoy it right away. This is a snack that you must try at a traditional sugar shack - this custom goes all the way back to the First Nations and came about due to French colonizers. They got into the habit of hacking into maple trees for the sap, and it quickly became a provincial tradition.


Some other delicious comfort food is Tourtière, which as you can tell from the name is a French-inspired dish. It is a meaty pie that is full of flavor and usually enjoyed around the holiday season - however, it can be enjoyed throughout the year. It originated in Quebec, with many enjoying a slice of it (or two) on New Year’s Day. The meat that is used is pork, veal, or beef, and is something that you MUST try when you are in Canada.

Bloody Caesars

Now, I know that this is not a food item, but I had to add it right at the end because I feel that it is something that you must try when you are in Canada. It is Canada’s national cocktail, and it is made with vodka, clamato juice, Worcestershire sauce (respect from me if you can pronounce that right), and Tabasco. It really is a great drink to wash down your brunch. Bars and restaurants have recently started to include some strange garnish to this drink. This includes burgers, whole chickens, sliders, hot dogs, and onion rings. The traditional garnish is a celery salt rim and celery stick. You can find this drink in any pub across the country.

London Fog

Actually, while we are on the topic of drinks, I thought that I would include one that is great for those who do not drink alcohol or those who are looking for something warm. London Fog is a hot drink that is made with Earl Grey, steamed milk, a bit of vanilla, and some lavender. The misty plume that is generated by the warm milk mixing with the Earl Grey recreates a foggy afternoon in London - hence the name. Other names for this drink include Vanilla Tea Misto, Earl Grey Latte, and Vancouver Fog.